Monday, November 17, 2014

Festival Program

Here is the Festival program.  Please note that you will NOT receive a copy at the festival.  We encourage you to use your electronic devices to access it digitally throughout the festival.  If possible, you should save it to your device so that you don't kill your data plan.  Your parents will thank you.

Please note that we are updating the Complete Program, but are NOT updating the other pages.  You might want to check back on Saturday morning before you go out to your IEs.

Complete Program (updated 11/18, 6:42 PM)

The complete program features a clickable table of contents which can take you to any page in one click.  To get the full functionality, access the file using the free Adobe Reader app (on a computer, tablet, or handheld device).  

Here are the updates made to the program:

  • Sound Design is now in 3-109, Duet Acting A is now in 3-107.
  • Judges were added to the program.  Please note that there may be minor changes on the day of.

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