Saturday, November 4, 2017

One Act Lighting Update

We have some updates about lighting for one acts that we'd like to share (it's all good things, I promise).  
  • The complete Submaster List is on the second sheet of the Channel Hookup Sheet (the tab is on the bottom), and I've included it below.  Here are the highlights:
    • Subs 1-15 are front light for individual zones.
    • Subs 16-19 are various lights for the whole stage (warm top, cool top, warm front, cool front)
    • Subs 20-22 are Cyc lights (Red, Green, Blue)
    • Sub 24 is House Lights
  • Sub 23 is a UTILITY SUB.  This is a sub that you can program to do whatever you want.  If you wish to use it, your light op will need to communicate which channels they would like assigned to this sub to Ocoee's lighting tech during the 5 minute preset time.  Ocoee's tech will program the sub for you.  You can find which channels do what on the channel hookup sheet.
  • The top back specials (DCR, DC, DCL, CC) are NOT programmed to a sub, but are on faders 81, 82, 83, & 84.  The center of these zones will be marked with tape.
  • You will have the option of plugging into a dimmable circuit located USR, USC, and USL.  There will be a 10' extension that will be plugged in, and you will plug in to that extension.  The plugs are L5-20 twistlocks.  These dimmers are patched to 101 (SR), 102 (C), 103 (SL), but are NOT on a submaster anywhere.  A troupe requested this and it's not against the rules, so we're making it available to everyone.  Be aware that if you choose to use these and are selected for State that these options will most likely NOT be available.  
11, 211/A
22, 222/B
33, 233/C
44, 244/D
55, 255/E
66, 266/F
77, 277/G
88, 288/H
99, 299/I
1010, 3010/J
1111, 3111/K
1212, 3212/L
1313, 3313/M
1414, 3414/N
1515, 3515/O
1641-55Warm Top Washall zones
1761-75Cool Top Washall zones
181-15Warm Frontall zones
1921-35Cool Frontall zones
You can program whatever channels you would like to this sub during your 5 minute preset time.
21151Red cyc
22152Green cyc
23153Blue cyc
24160House lights
As always, let us know if you have questions!

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