Performance IEs

Performance Individual Event Rules & Guidelines

Updated 11/17/15

Individual Events in District 5 follow the rules set forth by Florida State Thespians.  All individual events follow the General Rules as well as specific event rules.

Students may be registered in a maximum of three (3) individual events (performance and technical, not including extraneous events).

Each troupe can bring up to five (5) monologues, five (5) solos and three (3) of all other events.

The time limit for all performance events is 5 minutes, except for monologue where the time limit is 3 minutes.

Acting Events

Monologue (1 participant) updated 11/17/15
Duet Acting (2 participants)
Ensemble Acting (3-16 participants) updated 11/17/15
Pantomime (1-8 participants)

Musical Events

Solo Musical (1 participant)
Duet Musical (2 participants)
Small Group Musical (3-7 participants)
Large Group Musical (8-16 participants)

Extraneous Events

These events do not count toward the three maximum events; however, you may not participate in Student Directed Scenes (as director or performer) or Scholarships unless you are already participating in a One Act, Acting, Musical Theatre, or Technical Event.

Playwriting|Playwriting Cover Page (1-2 participants)
Scholarships (1 participant)


  1. There isn't a link for makeup design nor sound guidelines.

  2. Thaaaaaaaaaannnk you for this blog! With the FLThespian website down, I've had to direct all my adjudicators to your page for the rules and critique sheets. (Where's Makeup, though???)

    Hugs and Kisses from District XV.

    1. You're welcome :). I've added Makeup and Sound. Please note that most of these rule sheets are SUPER old (like 2010 old), and adjustments may have been made since then.