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You must submit a brief One Act synopsis that includes a brief statement clarifying any asterisks (less than 150 words, please) to before November 1st.  Please see some examples here.

Please note that District 5 voted on Sept. 12, 2015 to continue to operate under a slightly different time system than the State Festival in order to operate in the safest manner possible in the venues available to us.  The timing in D5 is as follows:

  • 5 minutes to move your set from your storage box to the wings
  • 40 minutes to perform your piece and strike to the WINGS
  • 5 minutes to move your set from the wings to your box.  A 'wing box' is available if you feel your box placement will negatively impact your ability to meet the 5 minute time limit.  If you elect to use the wing box, you will have 5 non-adjudicated minutes to move your set from the wing box to the storage box.


OCPS schools must follow all OCPS guidelines for performances at District.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Laura Copenhaver at

Requests from OCPS Risk Management:
·         In completing the Special Event Form, we ask that that thespian troupes read and comply with SD0024 dealing with “Plays/Theater Performances.”
·         Under the Performance section in the “One Act Event – General Rules,” Rule 16 states: “If it is necessary to use a fly system, the sponsor must include a letter with the registration packet stating the specific reason for using this system and how it is intended to be used.” Risk Management and Safety ask that, if such a request is received, the One Act Manager/Coordinator will discuss with Risk Management and Safety before a decision is made to grant approval.
·         While on site at the District V Thespian Festival, OCPS Safety Inspectors have the authority to bring to the attention of the One Act Manager/Coordinator any troupe whose set/props do not comply with SD0024 or whose set should have been inspected by a structural engineer but no report was submitted. The One Act Manager/Coordinator will decide if the violation will result in disqualification.
·         OCPS Safety Inspectors request that free and clear fire access occur during the festival as troupes move sets and transition between acts.
·         We are requiring this year that the sponsoring organization of this event enter a Facilities Use request for the use of Dr. Phillips HS, and that a Certificate of Insurance be provided, meeting the requirements as stated in the Facilities Use Agreement. The agreement will need to be signed either by a representative of the state or national organization.
·         We ask that a complete first aid kit be on site at the venue and that any injuries during the festival be reported to OCPS Risk Management.

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